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"Thom: Really? That’s interesting. That’s really interesting that you’d actually get worried about that. It’s pretty pathetic, isn’t it? You’re really ‘Be nice to everybody, nice big grin, shake hands, worry about wasteful packaging, worry whether people are going to break into your home while you’re asleep. You worry about not having written back to fan mail. You worry about what to say to important people. You worry about what to say on stage in front of people. You’re just a worrier. You’re about as intuitive as a brick. You spend half your life worrying, more than half your life. You should fucking get a life, you should be enjoying what you’re doing. Get on with it, enjoy it. Suck it up. All those lovely people being nice to you. It’s what you always wanted."

Thom Yorke interviewing himself - Dazed and Confused 1996  (via goghst)


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"What is this pink person? It doesn’t have skin"


On camera?

lmao god